House of worship

Charterhouse Memorial Chapel

Scanaudio have carried out a major upgrade to the sound reinforcement and induction systems in the  Memorial Chapel at Charterhouse during the Easter Holiday. The chapel was designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott and consecrated in June 1927. It is the largest war memorial in England and dedicated to the Carthusians who gave their lives in the First and Second World Wars.

Our brief was to provide a sound system with improved speech intelligibility and full range music replay capability. The older induction loop system though operational, only covered around a third of the chapel so it was important in the new design to cover the whole of the Nave. An Ampetronic ILD1000G induction loop driver was installed along with a new perimeter loop covering all of the nave for hearing aid users.

Working within the constraints of a Grade 1 listed building was a challenge to find a loudspeaker system that was both effective and discreet. We chose to use 20 x custom RAL coloured K-array KV52's along the length of the Nave with a further 8 x KU44 sub bass loudspeakers installed underneath the rear row of pews. These were powered via a Powersoft Quattrocanalli 4-channel amplifier with DSP processing. The control system was based around a Yamaha TF rack mixer and a Windows 10 tablet running Yamaha Provisonnaire Control software.

We had previously upgraded the microphone system with Audio Technica ES935ML6 slimline gooseneck models for the principal reading locations around the Chapel, namely the Altar, Headmaster, Deputy Head and lectern. Two Sennheiser radio microphones were provided for the main celebrant along with an aerial distribution system installed at high level behind the organ canopy.

System commissioning was carried out using Neutrik test equipment and Fuzzmeasure measurement software



St Peter’s Church, Hever

St Peter’s church is the oldest of the three in the benefice, dating back to the 12th Century and worship has been held here for over 875 years. It contains the tomb of Sir Thomas Bullen, father of Anne Boleyn and grandfather of Queen Elizabeth the First.


Scanaudio were invited to submit proposals for updating the 20 year old sound and loop system for improved system performance and control with a clear upgrade path available for future integration with control and projection facilities. We installed a TOA F series loudspeaker system with additional coverage for the Bullen Chapel and a small sub bass to provide full range sound reproduction for music sources. A Yamaha TF Rack mount digital mixer was installed at the heart of the system to provide full control of all audio inputs and outputs. This powerful yet simple to use mixer has the option of being remotely controlled via the Yamaha stage mix app operating on an iPad to allow church members to control the system from anywhere in the church.

A Sennheiser 100 series radio microphone system was installed comprising 2 lapel and two lapel system fed from an aerial distribution system and two high level paddle aerials. Fixed Audio Technica engineering series condenser gooseneck microphone were fitted at the pulpit and lectern. A Tascam CD200 BT was provided for CD and playback of Bluetooth sources which are popular for wedding and other special occasions. A new perimeter loop was installed to cover the whole church powered via an Ampetronic ILD500 loop amplifier. All the control equipment was housed in a 19-inch rack sleeve with a custom oak cabinet supplied and built by members of the church congregation.

Eton College Chapel

Eton College chapel is a fine example of the Perpendicular Gothic style built by Henry VI. This fine Grade 1 listed building is noble in its unity and simplicity of design, but only a part of what might have been one of the largest and finest churches in the country if Henry’s plans had been fully executed.


Scanaudio were originally approached by the Buildings Department to assess if improvements could be made to the existing system, which at the time of our first involvement was around nine years old. Following a series of meetings and subsequent partial upgrades, the College appointed Scanaudio to design and install a fully updated sound reinforcement system to accommodate the needs of this busy chapel.

Great importance was placed on finding a technical solution which would both provide good sound coverage throughout this large building whilst remaining sympathetic to the fine interior. One of many challenges was to install loudspeakers against the wall paintings. They are the work of at least four master painters who, with their assistants, took eight years to complete them in the Flemish style between (1479–87).

Miniature KV50 line array loudspeakers from the Italian manufacture K-Array were installed on top of discreet bronze columns and color matched to blend with the background colours of the wall paintings. Further K-Array KV50’s were installed along the North and Side walls of the chapel with additional KK50’s for the Ante Chapel and 3 x KKS50 sub bass speakers for full range music reproduction. The control system was based around the Yamaha DME series digital audio processors controlled from MIDI controllers in the chapel. Audio Technica ES935ML miniature gooseneck microphones were installed at fixed position around the chapel including the altar, lectern, pulpit, conduct, headmaster, lower master, Provost and Vice Provost stalls.

These were supplemented with Sennheiser radio microphones and fixed DPA microphones at the medieval reading lectern. Playback equipment includes solid state and CD equipment from Tascam. Amplification was supplied from K-Array and Cloud Electronic with the induction loop system powered by an existing Ampetronic ILD9.