Young Epilepsy – Lingfield

Scanaudio have developed an audio monitoring system specifically tailored to the needs of professional carers working with persons with epilepsy and other related conditions where a clear indication of the onset of a seizure can be identified and appropriate actions swiftly taken. We have supplied, installed and maintaining epilepsy seizure monitor systems for Young Epilepsy since 2000. To date we have over 140 monitored rooms on site.

The system is designed around an audio digital signal processor (DSP) which is custom programmed and linked to a series of microphone installed in each client’s room. The DSP is linked to a Windows PC, monitor and a small powered loudspeaker.

A custom user control panel is provided to allow staff to rapidly assess a child’s condition via an easy to use on interface. This shows the audio activity picked up by the room microphone on a sensitive meter whilst listening to the audio via a local powered loudspeaker. Simple mouse clickable controls are used to adjust microphone volume, on/off status and which rooms are monitored.

A solo function enables the operator to instantly switch from monitoring a group of rooms to listening to a single room. This feature immediately removes any distracting background noise from other rooms allowing staff to rapidly assess the client’s condition and respond accordingly. The system is fully networkable and scalable from six rooms to several hundred rooms if required.

An existing CAT5e network between buildings can be employed to relay audio and control commands around a distributed site allowing monitoring to be carried out in multiple locations if required. The DSP can be interfaced with external devices such as PIR detectors, which are sometimes used to monitor if a person has left their room. Although the system is primarily designed as a listen in system, the DSP can be programmed to provide full intercom facilities as well.