Sadlers Wells Auditorium and Lilian Baylis Studio

Scanaudio were approached to help design and install a low spill induction loop system to cover the main 1,500 seat auditorium space. Working closely with theatre consultant Roger Spence, the project was carried out over two summers as part of a major refurbishment project. This entailed the removal of all the seating and carpet to facilitate the installation of the copper tape arrays along the step edges. Ampetronic multiloop amplifiers were installed in the gantry area above the second circle with feeder cables run using Van Damme 4 x 2.5mm cable. Final commissioning was carried out in with Ampetronic Ltd.

The system provided extensive standard compliant loop coverage around the three tiers of seating. We also installed a low spill loop system for the retractable bleacher seating in the Lilian Baylis Studio to replace a poorly working perimeter loop system.